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SuperDraft Fantasy Player Props are Available to Residents 18+ in:

AK, AR, CA, DC, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, MI, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, VA, WI, WY. 19+ in AL and 21+ in , MA and of Canada, except for Ontario.

Multiplier Payout Structure

2 picks correct = 3X your entry
3 picks correct = 6X your entry
4 picks correct = 10X your entry
5 picks correct = 20X your entry *$250 max entry
6 picks correct = 30X your entry *$50 max entry
7 picks correct = 65X your entry *$50 max entry
8 picks correct = 100X your entry *$50 max entry


It can take up to 24 hours for your SuperDraft balance to reflect winnings. If your winnings are not visible in your balance after this period of time, please contact our Support Team.

When a withdrawal request is placed, SuperDraft begins the transaction immediately. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. In our experience, we have seen an ACH withdrawal request be completed in 2 to 8 business days. For more information on withdrawals please visit our account help section in help center.


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FREE Squares

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Please note that these promotions cannot be combined with any other offer and can only be used one time by a specific user. While discounts and FREE squares are not guaranteed, they present opportunities for users to increase their chances of cashing a winning entry! Find these promotions at the top of a sport’s lobby.

Any player who does not satisfy the criteria according to our scoring rules below will be counted as a “push*”. The pick will be canceled, and your entry will be reverted down one-tier. For example, if you have three players in your entry paying out 6X and one player is determined to be a push, your entry will be graded as a two-player entry paying out 3X. If all players are counted as “push” or only one player in your entry is not a “push” your entry will be refunded.

For entries containing two players, if one player is a “push” your entry will be cancelled and refunded.

*A push describes a scenario for which a player’s performance falls exactly on the posted line or if a player did not record a creditable appearance in the game. Check our sport specific rules to check player qualification(s).

SuperDraft reserves the right to adjust the line or odds of any pick available to its users.

Scoring by Sport


Players must accrue at least one offensive snap or one punt return TD.


Cumulative projections: Any projection joined by the plus (+) symbol means that that pick is a combination of those stats. ‘Rushing yards + Receiving yards’ for example is the combination of both stats. 

Any stats, yards, or TDs accrued on Special teams will not count towards any prop pick.

Kickers: Pat=1pt Field goal=3pts


Players must record at least one second of official game time to be counted for entries.


Cumulative projections: Any projection joined by the plus (+) symbol means that that pick is a combination of those stats. ‘Points + Rebounds + Assists’ for example is the combination of all 3 stats.

Personal fouls: Scored as awarded by NBA officials/scoresheets. Technical fouls do not count toward this stat

NBA Season Long Props
  1. NBA SL Picks will be settled after the conclusion of the regular season.
  2. The in-season tournament and playoffs will not count towards NBA SL Picks.
  3. A player must play in at least 41 games during the season for NBA SL Picks to be valid. If a players plays in less than 41 games, that particular NBA SL Pick will be voided.
  4. If a player is traded or changes teams during the season, this will not impact that particular NBA SL Pick. The same rules above apply.

Hitters must be in the starting lineup and record one plate appearance to be eligible. Otherwise, they will be counted as a “Did Not Play”. Pinch hitters or runners who were not listed in the starting lineup will not be counted. The entry will be canceled, and your entry will be reverted down one tier. MLB pitchers must record one pitch at any point in the game (SPs and RPs pitchers are eligible).


Total bases: counts the number of bases earned through a player’s hit. For example, Single = 1, Double = 2, Triple = 3 etc. Walks and Stolen bases are not included in the scoring system.

Pitching outs: counts the amount of outs recorded while the pitcher is pitching in the game.

Pitch count: counts the amount of pitches thrown by a pitcher. This is scored in accordance with MLB’s official count. 

Cumulative projections: Any projection joined by the plus (+) symbol means that that pick is a combination of those stats. ‘Hits + Bases + Runs’ for example is the combination of all 3 stats. 

Singles: A batted ball that results in a single. Doubles, Triples, and Home Runs do not count. 

Strikeouts: This refers to strikeouts recorded by the pitcher. Strikeouts recorded as a batter will not count.

In order for pitching projections to grade, the player must throw a pitch in the game. If the player starts the game (as a hitter) but does not pitch, his pitching projections will void, and his batting projections will grade normally.

Fantasy Point Prop Scoring (Hitting)

Singles = 2pts
Doubles = 4pts
Triples = 6pts
Home Runs = 8pts
Runs = 2pts
Hitter Walks = 2pts
Stolen Bases = 3pts
Hit By Pitch = 2pts
RBI = 2pts

Fantasy Point Prop Scoring (Pitching)

Wins = 4pts
Strike Outs = 2pts
Innings Pitched = 2pts
Earned Runs = -2pts
Pitcher Walks = -0.5pts
Hit Batsmen = -0.5pts
Complete Game = 2pts


Players must record at least one second of official game time to be counted for entries.


Shots: counts the number of shots on goal.

A goalie who does not start will be graded as a push.


If a player records one second of fight time, the pick will be counted for entries. The only exception to this will be if a fight is ruled a No Contest.


If a fighter defeats their opponent by submission or knockout.

Disqualifications, Draws, and No Contests:
If a fight is declared a No Contest by the governing body, then all selections for all markets within the fight will be voided.
If a fighter is declared the winner of a fight via disqualification or if the fight ends in a draw, stats will still be graded for the fight as usual.


Players must complete 18 holes for that given round to be counted for the entry.


Official scoring pgatour.com

Each stroke accumulated during a full 18 holes

Birdies or better:
Any score in one hole resulting in a birdie or better will count. Aces, eagles, and albatross all count.

Bogeys or worse:
Any score in one hole resulting in a bogey or worse will count. Bogeys, double bogeys, triple bogeys, etc all count towards this stat.

Direct Correlation: 
This means you cannot pair the same side of a golf ticket.  PGA entries must include at least one OVER and one UNDER. (For Birdies, OVER counts as an UNDER and vice versa)


A player must start a game for their projection to be scored. If a player does not start a game, their projection will void.If a match does not play the entirety of 90 mins, due to abandonment, suspensions, or other reasons, all projections from the game will void. Penalty kicks taken as part of a shootout following extra time do not count towards a player’s shot, shot on target, or goal total.


Goals: Attributing a Goal to the Goal scoring player, or in the case of an Own Goal, to the defending player

Assists: Attributing a collection of assist events outside the conventional categorization of Goal Assist. Classifies the final touch from a player on the scoring team as a Fantasy Assist, despite:

  • A heavily deflected pass or cross
  • Shot on Target saved, rebound scored
  • Blocked Shot, rebound scored
  • Shot hit woodwork, rebound scored
  • Shot off Target, remains in play, rebound scored
  • Penalty won
  • Free kick won by foul
  • Free kick or penalty won from a handball
  • Event preceding an own Goal (usually shot/pass/cross)

Tackles: A tackle is awarded if a player wins the ball from another player who is in possession. If he is attempting to beat the tackler, the other player will get an unsuccessful Take-on. If he is in possession but not attempting to “beat” his man, then he will get a dispossessed

Dribbles: This is an attempt by a player to beat an opponent when they have possession of the ball. A successful dribble means the player beats the defender while retaining possession, unsuccessful ones are where the dribbler is tackled. Opta also collects attempted dribbles where the player overruns the ball with a heavy touch when trying to beat an opposition player

Crosses: any intentional played ball from a wide position intending to reach a teammate in a specific area in front of the goal, from set pieces, open play, and long corners. (for level 1)

Fouls: a foul is defined as any infringement penalized as foul play by a referee that results in a free kick or penalty event. (for level 1)

Passes: an intentionally played ball from one player to another (Crosses, throw-ins, and keeper throws do not count as a pass.) (Goal kicks, free kicks, corners, kick-offs, and penalties can be played as a pass.) (Passes are graded as passes attempted, not completed.)

Shots: any shot taken by a player (blocked, off-target, or on target).