How do I verify my account?

After downloading the app from the App Store or Play Store, open SuperDraft and tap either the “Sign Up With Email” or “Sign Up With Facebook” buttons. Complete the sign-up form with the following pieces of information: Email Address, Username, Password, and Date of Birth.

After you create your account, our system will automatically attempt to verify your identity when you attempt to make your first deposit or submit your first contest entry. The initial verification pop-up will ask for your first name, last name, and your address. If this works successfully, you will be able to immediately begin entering lineups for contests and depositing money into your SuperDraft account.

However, if we are unable to automatically verify your account, you will need to enter more information to help our system try to verify your identity. The requested information includes the last 4 digits of your social security number (SSN) and your date of birth. If this verification attempt fails, you will be given a final option to upload an image of some form of identification (normally a driver’s license). After submitting your ID, a member of our support team will need to manually verify your account. All of your personal information is kept confidential and is TSEVO-Secured.

We are not able to accept forms for verification through email. You will have to upload a photo of your government-issued ID to this link: https://superdraft.io/upload

If automatic verification fails, it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong! However, you will receive a message saying that you will need to reach out to our Player Support team.

You can either click the “Contact Support” button in that pop-up message or reach out a couple of other ways:

  • In the mobile app: Click on the menu button in the top left-hand corner of the app and then select “Help & Support” followed by “Contact Support.”

  • If you’re accessing SuperDraft via a web browser: go to our “Contact Us” page. In the ticket form, choose “Verification Error” as the subject, and then let us know that you’re having issues with account verification. Once you hit submit, you should receive an email from our Zendesk account and the agent will run through the verification steps with you.

Note: In order to play SuperDraft, your identity must first be verified due to legal limitations on daily fantasy sports in the U.S. and Canada. Until your account is verified, you will not be allowed to enter into any contests on SuperDraft.

Is it possible to register more than one account?

No, SuperDraft does not allow for a single person to maintain more than one account. This is set in place to fortify our Fair-Play Policy, protecting other contestants against unfair advantages.

Can I deposit into my account with someone else’s card?

No, SuperDraft only permits the proprietor of an account to deposit using a payment source that is under their own name. This is set in place to fortify our Privacy Policy and to protect against potential fraudulent activity. Individuals who break this are liable to have their account(s) terminated.

Can I change my username?

Once created, your username is here to stay! It is part of our Fair-Play Policy to prevent users from altering their names once locked in place.

How do I change/reset my email or password?

If you are unable to log in to your account because you forgot your password, you can always reset it by providing the email address you typically use for login. Instructions will be sent to that address, explaining how your password can be reset.

Provided you are able to log in to your account, you can change your primary email (which you use to log in and receive notifications) from the Profile page.

Should this not work for you, you can email us at support@superdraft.io to get help with this.

How is my account protected?

We hit all of the stops in protecting our user’s data – all data is heavily encrypted with modern standards, any and all traffic is encrypted via a 256-bit SSL protocol, and all components involving payment processing are password protected, heavily secured, and insured to the fullest extent of our ability!

For more information about how we protect our users, please check out our Privacy Policy.

Can I temporarily or permanently close my account?

If you are a registered SuperDraft user with the ability to log in to your account and believe you are spending too much time using our platform, you are able to opt out temporarily. During this opt-out period, you will be unable to log in or participate in contests, until your well-earned vacation has lapsed! At that point, everything will return to normal!

If you have a registered SuperDraft account and are looking to close it permanently, contact us with your username and email address, and we can begin the process to suspend the account. Please note, that a Customer Support Representative will contact you via email shortly after this request has been place, and a valid photo ID matching the first and last name we have on file will be required to complete the suspension request. Suspended accounts can always be restored at a later date, by contacting us once again!

How does SuperDraft keep the funds in my account safe?

SuperDraft, Inc. customer deposits and player contest winnings are held in a separate, segregated bank account (“Customer Funds Account”) by SuperDraft Services Inc, a legally separate and independent corporation. Customer and player withdrawals made from this Customer Funds Account, including checks issued from it, may bear the name SuperDraft Services, Inc. Vendors, players, and creditors shall be aware that the funds in this Customer Funds Account do not belong to SuperDraft, Inc; they are not available to creditors of SuperDraft, Inc.; they are not available for SuperDraft, Inc. to use; they are available solely for customer and player disbursements; and they are not commingled with any other funds.

What can I use to Deposit into my account?

SuperDraft is capable of accepting deposits directly from most major credit card companies – including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

How do I withdraw funds from my balance?

A withdrawal request can be made at any time by visiting the SuperDraft withdrawal page on our website or by going to the Account section under your Profile in the mobile app and selecting Withdraw. Contest winnings can be sent to a user’s bank account via ACH.

The minimum amount for an in-app/on-site withdrawal is $10. If you need to withdraw a smaller amount, please contact our support team.

Please note that all funds may only be withdrawn in USD.

At this time, we cannot process ACH transfers or to banks outside of the US, including transfers to Canadian banks. If you only bank with institutions outside the US, you may contact support and request to be mailed a paper check issued in USD. Mailed checks may take up to 14 business days to reach their destination.

In some rare scenarios, a withdrawal may be canceled due to limited gameplay in accordance with banking policies. Please contact our customer support team for additional information and assistance.

A review for potential unpermitted behavior will be conducted prior to processing your withdrawal. This assures SuperDraft accounts are only used for their intended purposes. In the event of potentially fraudulent behavior, SuperDraft reserves the right to decline the withdrawal or in some cases close the account in accordance with the terms of use for the respective SuperDraft product.

How long do withdrawals take?

When a withdrawal request is placed, SuperDraft begins the transaction immediately, as described above. In our experience, we have seen an ACH withdrawal request be completed in 2 to 8 business days and eChecks take between 1 and 8 business days.

Who will process my payment?

SuperDraft will handle the processing of payment through our trusted partner TSEVO, using their GIDX platform.

When will my card be charged?

When processing a deposit from most major credit card companies, an immediate hold less-than-or-equal-to the deposit amount will be placed on your account. Your balance will be updated immediately, however, it will take 1 to 3 business days for the full amount to be charged to the card.

Do I have to pay taxes on my SuperDraft winnings?

Within the US, if your SuperDraft winnings (excluding your initial deposits) exceed more than $600.00 USD in your personal, financial year, you are required to report it in your annual earnings to the IRS. To help simplify this process, we will send US residents via email who have won more than this amount a 1099 Tax Form, to aid in your yearly filing.

If you are a registered SuperDraft user receiving winnings outside of the United States, please be sure to check your local tax laws.

Can I trade in Tickets for cash?

Unfortunately, no. SuperDraft Tickets cannot be traded for cash and maintain no federally-regulated currency equivalent. That said, tickets can be used for free entry into paid contests, and we encourage you to use them to extend your play!

Fair-Play Policy

At SuperDraft, we want each competitor in a contest to have a similar chance to their peers, relying on skill.

Some features we’ve implemented to make sure that skill is the only factor in a contest include: preventing competitors from changing their usernames or having multiple accounts, our sports ranking system (which is responsible, in part, for reasonable matchmaking), how we display contests to our users, the existence of Beginner Contests, and limitations as to how many times a contest can be entered.

Coordinating line-ups with other Player Subscribers is expressly forbidden, which could lead to termination of your Coach account. While we encourage discussing and debating the day’s sporting events with your family and friends, specifically gaming the system by coordinating with other players to set specific lineups is not allowed under any circumstances.

I’m having difficulty controlling how much I play. Can SuperDraft help?

While we’re happy you love our platform, everybody needs a break now and then! SuperDraft believes gaming is a form of entertainment and does not want this to negatively impact your life. If you are struggling, we are here to help!

We have lots of information on controlling how much you are able to play – allowing find control over your independent access. Player Limits allow you to set deposit amount limitations, limit how many contests you are capable of entering during a fixed-period of time, and the max entry fee you are able to play for a single contest.

If you need to disable your account, Self-Exclusion allows you to opt-out for some time (3, 6, 9, or 12 months). During this period your account is frozen and you are barred from logging in or entering contests.

How much of my SuperDraft profile is publicly visible?

Other users on the SuperDraft platform are capable of seeing your profile photo, username, and display name when they are friends with you or you are entered in the same contest. Otherwise, your account is completely private!

What are Reward Points (RPs)?

Reward Points are earned from your contest activity, and are awarded in direct relation to your experience in the sports you have entered contests. You will earn 2RP for every $1 entered into a contest, as well as bonus rewards for leveling up in sport rank. RP can be used towards purchasing a ticket in the Ticket Store. Your total RP is located in the account section of your account Profile, as well as in the Ticket Store.

To learn more about Reward Points, visit our How to Play section.

What are Tickets?

A ticket offers free entry into a paid contest for a contest of equal value. Unlike SuperCash, the Ticket valuation must match-up exactly with the entry fee. For example: while a Ticket with a value of $3 USD may be used to enter a contest with an associated $3 USD entry fee – but a Ticket with a valuation $20 USD may not. Tickets cannot be used for Jackpot Player Prop entries.

Tickets cannot be withdrawn from your account, however, paid-for contests entered with Tickets are always paid-out in real cash! Pretty cool, huh?

Tickets can be purchased with Reward Points from the Ticket Store.

What is SuperCash?

SuperCash covers the entry fee for entering a given contest or player prop entry, up to the cash-equivalent value. For example, if you have $10 of SuperCash you are able to enter one $10 entry or two $5 entries to give you same free entry ability as tickets, while also offering the flexibility of cash. Your regular cash balance will be used first before you SuperCash balance. SuperCash cannot be used for Jackpot Player Prop entries. SuperCash directly affects your account balance, when available.

Expiration of Promotional Funds

All promotional assets and funds, including but not limited to tickets, Super-Cash, and any other added funds, will be forfeited if not used within a 12-month period beginning from the date they were earned or issued.

What are Daily Rewards in the Fantasy App?

Each day you log into SuperDraft, you will be given a free spin on our Daily Rewards Wheel (don’t forget to get your free daily spin!). To claim your free daily rewards, simply click on “Free daily reward spin now” text on the Home/Featured page. If you’ve already claimed your reward, you will see a timer counting down until you can spin the wheel again.

On the Daily Rewards wheel, you can win three types of rewards:

  • Rewards Points: Exchange these points for Tickets

  • Tickets: Tickets have preset values and can be used to enter contests

  • SuperCash: SuperCash can also be used to enter contests

Note: Unlike money you deposit or win, SD Cash cannot be withdrawn from your account, and all of these rewards have no real-world currency value. Also, the Daily Rewards Wheel is currently only available on the Mobile App.

Don’t forget to log in each day for your chance to win big!

How does Refer-A-Friend work?

We really value your use of the platform, and we definitely understand that games are better with friends!

To help you and your friends play together, we’d like to give you and your friend $20 to play with, when you invite them along! All you have to do is send them an invite via email, using your unique code, and when they signup and make a deposit, you’ll both be rewarded. Enjoy!

What is a DFS Sports Ranking?

SuperDraft has a unique user Sports Ranking system for daily fantasy, designed for each sport to reward users for not only winning but also for being a regular participant. The more you improve your individual Sports Ranks for each sport, the more Reward Points you will earn!

With this in mind, you can easily compete on a level playing field with users of the same skill level and experience, or take your chances against someone with a higher Sports Rank to earn greater rewards!